Saturday, November 08, 2014


Amanda is a private person, but I do not betray her confidence here because I only say her first name and I do not say where she lives...... I have done some small gardening jobs for her, a few hours here and a few hours there. Amanda seems to think that if I weed her yard, front and back, that we have reached a final and complete solution and the problem of weeds has been eternally banished.

But the weeds always grow back and she has a look on her face like it is my fault.

Here is the truth. The weeds always grow back. There are things you can do like adding generous amounts of mulch, and that will slow down the weeds, or use herbicides, which also work...... But the weeds always come a gardener I look on it as job security...... But Amanda wants to blame me.

I drove by her house this morning. I see she has gotten some work done on her star jasmine hedge. She must have hired another gardener instead of me. 

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