Thursday, November 06, 2014

It's Hot

It's hot in Santa Barbara, 29.9 degrees centigrade, according to the kitchen thermometer, which is 86 degrees in Fahrenheit.

The heat saps my energy. I have been lying on the couch, thinking that I would like to spend the next week lying on the couch, just resting.

I need to rest. I have been working too hard, trying to get rich, trying to get ahead, trying to succeed, trying to get somewhere, trying put some simoleans into the bank, trying to save for my old age -- that last one is a joke for I am already in my own old age -- but trying, trying, and sick of trying, and sick of the heat.

There was a crust of bread in a plastic bag in the frig. I took it out and put it in the toaster -- just enough to bring it to room temperature. I smeared a light coat of mayonnaise on it. I added three thin slices of salami. This is a very good sandwich.

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