Tuesday, April 11, 2006

1612 Forest Evenue

The address of the house where I grew up was 1612 Forest Avenue in Wilmette, Illinois. We bought the house in 1946, shortly after I was born. We sold it in the spring of 1997, after Mom died.

That was nine years ago. I don't think about the house too much. I could take a mental tour and go from room to room, and by doing so, I would remember many details of those 50 years, and most of my life -- but I don't do that. It makes me feel too sad. I don't even have a photo of the old house, except in storage far away.

In fact, I don't have photos of my Mom and Dad either. But with them it's different. I don't miss them at all, because they are present to me. I often speak with them in my mind, and tell them things and ask them what they think -- Mostly Dad. I like talking to Dad. Mom is more this vast maternal presence -- non verbal.

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