Thursday, April 13, 2006

Today, the World

Today, I can see the World. I took a quick look at the newspaper. There is turmoil in France. There is an election in Italy. There is a rape case in North Carolina.

It is 6:40 a.m. I'm up a little early today because I'm driving to St. Hedwig to interview a family that has owned their ranch since 1904. They are being honored for 100 years. I spoke to the Mrs. on the phone last night, and she was glad we were coming and said her husband was so busy, could I come early? I said fine, I will be there at 8 a.m.

She give me the directions. It's just down the road from her brother-in-law's feed store -- the one we wrote about three weeks ago -- but it wasn't me that went out to take the photo, it was Al. I have never been to the St. Hedwig feed store.

In any event, she gave me clear directions, and I'm very good at finding things. I told her, "I never get lost, although sometimes I don't know where I am."

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