Saturday, April 15, 2006

Austin, Texas

I am in Austin, Texas this Saturday morning, at my daughter's house on the East Side. She put on Click and Clack on the radio. We are doing home repair. She had me turn off the water main, so that she can change a water filter under the sink.

When I out to the front yard to switch off the water. I went accch! Poision ivy! It's getting worse. We need to get Roundup and kill it.

Then I could weed a bit in the garden. She doesn't actually have a garden, because she's not home. Or when she's home, she's inside. So the garden thing has not started with her. She's 27. Gardens happen when you're older for most people.

So I can't really plant anything for her, because it would depend on her watering it.

Now, her house plants, in the living room, where she gives her full attention -- these plants are flourishing. So, as I said, whenever her attention goes to the garden, then we can really go to town.

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