Monday, April 10, 2006


I finally learned how to write a blog, after trying for six months. I write as if no one were listening, as if it was just myself. This is the only way to write a blog. For six months I fought the self-indulgence in this medium. But I cannot overcome the nature of any medium that I choose to use.

So this blog is only about me, to me, and for me. There is no other way to do it.

After work today, I went over to her house to work on the garden, on the small stone planter in the front driveway. I re-arranged all the stones and pulled up the cord grass. I enjoyed this work very much. Her garden is in the shade in the late afternoon, perfect for me to work on. I could keep busy there all summer -- even though her garden is very small -- I know how to expand the work, so that I have an hour or two for a project several days a week.

She came up and talked to me, with several ideas about what to plant. She's thinking of marigolds -- I told her that would be great -- or petunias, and she had some other ideas..... I think I will just go to the store tomorrow and plant some things for her.

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