Wednesday, April 12, 2006

No newspaper

A startling change in daily habit -- beginnning the day without scanning the newspapers on the Internet.

Instead, I am looking out the window. I see birds. My geranium is beginning to bloom. I can hear the air conditioner humming. I love that cool feeling. I can see the paintings in this room where I sit -- it's the living room, I suppose.

Except I don't have a chair or a sofa. I'm doing this garden work for a neighbor and she owns a furniture upholstery shop and she will trade me a comfortable chair in exchange for the garden work. This is a good arrangement.

I know my life will be better if I have furniture, but I need to get over several objections.

1. Furniture is a burden.
2. Furniture is large and bulky. When you have furniture in a room, it makes it hard to get from one place to another because you have to go around it.
3. Furniture takes up space -- my space. I need to have lots of room for my own ass.
4. Furniture makes moving far more difficult. How many times have I loaded people's stuff into and out of vehicle to move from one place to another. This problem could be alleviated if people moved, but never brought their furniture with them. Think about that -- if you are moving from Texas to North Carolina -- don't you realize that they have as much furniture where you are going as where you are coming from?

I could say more, but I will get the chair, and it will be very good.

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