Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Boston Legal

Boston Legal is my favorite TV show. It has been usurped by a showing of the "Ten Commandments" -- because it's Easter! Now I see Moses on the TV, in the desert, talking to God.

Who is in charge here? Who decided to take my favorite show off the schedule? How many favorite shows do I have? Only one. Boston Legal, starring James Spader, Candace Bergman and Captain Kirk.

Boston Legal, is for me, a kind of spiritual meditation on the deeper questions of existence. The show always culminates in a final scene with Spader and Kirk on the balcony of Kirk's apartment. It's twilight, at the end of a tough day at their law firm. They are enjoying fine scotch and good cigars -- this is my moment of prayer.

But instead they have Moses on TV. And I, who reads Exodus in the original Hebrew, have to watch it.

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