Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday morning

I'm writing the blog rather than reading the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, and other papers that I usually scan in the morning while I'm drinking coffee.

The immigration debate is wonderful. I am strongly in favor of both sides -- my politics is all over the place these days. It's just that I feel that something good will come of this. It's all very hopeful -- we can reach a kind of solid agreement with the new people from Mexico.

And health insurance. I favor national health insurance and everybody the same. In medicine, anything for me is the same as what you get, and everybody else too.

For Americans, health insurance for all Americans. It relates to immigration, to who lives here, and to who is an American.

See? This isn't making sense, except to me. It makes perfect sense to me -- that immigration, which defines our border, which defines who we are and who we are not -- is closely related to national health insurance, which is a mututal promise of care, for everybody who is an American.

I'll just stay out of politics. No one will understand me.

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