Saturday, November 03, 2007

On the Samish River dike

I was just out walking the dike along the Samish River. I said hello to a friendly couple, a man and a woman out walking their dog. I looked at fishing boats moored at the dock, and saw several old hulks slowly rotting in the marsh. The tide was in -- when the tide flows in from Samish Bay the river stops moving and the water is still.

I visited my friend Dana Rust, who lives nearby. He operates the Edison Eye, an art gallery in the nearby town of Edison, which sits athwart Edison Slough, which joins the Samish River somewhere out there.

Dana and I watched a football game with casual interest. He made an excellent pot of coffee and we enjoyed that. Then his daughter and grand-daughter came for a visit and I decided to leave and let them have family time.


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