Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trout Fishing in Georgia

Trout fishing in Georgia is not good this summer. The summer was hot and dry, drier than anyone can remember. Memories of floods and hurricanes could not make it rain.

So rain is what we prayed for every day. But day after day, the sky was blue and hard. And hardly a drop of water flowed in the river. The river had been full of trout before the drought. Droughts are natural, but they are like a slow death.

Death is something we all face, but still we hope for rain. Rain, Rain, if only it would rain. Rain is a blessing, the blessing that makes life green. If it was green, we would feel happy again.

Happiness will return with the rain. The cool rain makes the earth fresh. Fresh water makes the trout leap with joy. Joyful too are the breeding mayflies that leap from the water after it rains.

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