Saturday, January 21, 2006


I am sorry to have such a small picture, but it is the only one I could find. I actually bought bean & jalepeno tamales here today. I was driving up and down Culebra Rd. in south San Antonio, taking photos of the signs in front of the stores.

After cruising this road, JJTamales was my most careful choice. Tamales are different than other kinds of Mexican food -- they are much more important. You can get a good taco almost anywhere, but for tamales, to eat them and have good digestion, you really need to know somebody.

This is why I was so careful to choose JJTamales -- I could have made a mistake! Consquences that would effect my entire future! Even so, it was risky -- I don't know anybody at JJTamales. I was a stranger.

One dozen tamales, plus a small container of pico de gallo, cost $6.

However, because of the importance I attach to a personal connection in the pursuit of tamales, I placed a call to Mount Vernon, in the Skagit Valley, in Washington state, in order to reach my friend, Kathy Woelke, who is Hispanic, despite the fact that she does not speak Spanish. Kathy spent her earliest years in San Antonio. Her mother lives here, along with her sister Ruth.

Kathy told me that her two aunts, Betty & Bernice, own and operate B & B Tamales somewhere in San Antonio, but she couldn't say where. This would be the necessary tamale connection, but it was not available to me today.

Instead I found JJTamales. I bought tamales and ate them well.


Krista Richards Mann said...

Love tamales, not many to be found in Connecticut, I am afraid.

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